Intensity Slider


Intensity Slider is an image slideshow, banner slider module based on the popular jQuery Nivo Slider plugin. Intensity slider is a full-featured, lightweight, and responsive DotNetNuke module that is compatible with DNN version 6 and 7.

Configurable Themes

6 Built-in themes and framework that allows users to easily add their own themes.

Configurable Slider Settings

15 slide transition effects to choose from in addition to configurable slide transition speeds and duration. You can also choose to automatic or manual advancing of slides and option to pause on the slide upon mouse hover.

Image Resizing

Image resizing reduces the size of uploaded images automatically based on configurable maximum width or height.

Responsive or Fixed Sizing

By default, the slider will automatically size images to the container size making it work with responsive layouts. You can override this behavior to make the container fixed.

Simple slide management

Easy to manage slide manager allows users to add, edit, and sort their slides.

Ajax upload

Ajax image upload and preview makes user experience quick and simple. Users can optionally add image Alt text for search engine indexing.

Caption overlays with configurable positions

Caption support html tags and can have multiple position choices depending on the theme.

Flexible linking

Each slide can be hyperlinked to internal or external pages. Hyperlinks can be configured to link the entire slide, the caption area, or a link inside of the caption.


The slider is available for Purchase in the DNN Store.

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  • Responsive sizing Small footprint, fast loading: Only ~20kb in additional overhead! 
  • 6 themes to choose from and ability to plug in your own theme using just CSS 
  • 15 slide transition effects to choose from in addition to configurable transition speeds and delays 
  • Simple interface for managing slides includes AJAX file uploader 
  • Configurable automatic image resizing 
  • Supports multiple caption orientations per theme; caption orientation configurable by slide 
  • Supports HTML tags in caption 
  • Compatible with secure (https) pages 
  • SEO friendly - allows creating alternate text tag per slide image for search engines crawling